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Debt Capital Markets

Our expert deal teams manage new issuance in a variety of fixed-income markets, including syndicated loans, investment grade and high yield bonds, securitizations, and private placements.

Our Loan Syndications Team has a deep understanding of the bank market and a well-established track record of structuring and arranging multi-bank credit facilities customized to meet our clients’ financing objectives. Syndicated credit facility sizes range from $35 million to well above $600 million.   

Securities Underwriting provides execution capabilities for public and private securities issuances, including investment grade, high yield, and securitized markets. The team provides our mid-to-large corporate banking clients with issuer-focused advice to help them achieve their goals.

For more information, please contact

Mandy Querio, Head of Debt Capital Markets

310.258.9314 /

Jonathan Leus, Head of Securities Underwriting

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