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Sales & Trading

Our experienced Sales & Trading teams offer a wide range of investment and risk management solutions to meet the needs of our institutional clients.

Our Foreign Exchange desk offers a full suite of solutions to help manage currency risk when expanding/operating internationally, pursuing new markets, or simply transacting in foreign currencies.

Our Interest Rate Risk Management desk assesses interest rate risks presented by debt financing and designs hedging solutions using a full suite of interest rate risk management products. Solutions range from tailored hedging strategies for complex structured/fixed-rate financings for large institutions to helping middle market companies mitigate interest rate uncertainty of floating-rate financings.

Our Bank Dealer/Fixed Income desk provides access to a wide variety of investment products including government debt, mortgage-backed securities, money market instruments, municipal bonds, and corporate bonds.

For more information, please contact

Tony Bedikian, Head of Sales and Trading

Laura Garcia-Trevino, Head of Foreign Exchange

Bradley McKinnon, Head of Interest Rate Risk Management

Dan Ricks, Head of Bank Dealer Sales & Trading